Welcome to the University of Primorska

welcome to the university of primorska

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university of primorska

三个双连号双色球中奖the establishment of the university of primorska in 2003 created an autonomous academic route for the region that intellectuals and the wider coastal community had longed for since the post-war years. from the beginning, up's goal has been to grow and strive for excellence.

三个双连号双色球中奖the mission of the university of primorska is to carry out education and scientific research in a professional and creative manner and to support the balanced development of slovenia in the region, europe, and globally. its activities are in line with the national programme for higher education, the national research and development programme, strategic documents of the republic of slovenia, and guidelines for the development of a common european higher education and research area, with a particular emphasis on the mediterranean region.

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Solemn inauguration of the new Rector of University of Primorska, prof. Klavdija Kutnar, PhD. (video)

三个双连号双色球中奖you are invited to watch the video from solemn inauguration of the new rector of university of primorska, prof. klavdija kutnar, phd.